Hettie graduated from the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg in 2009. She studied to become a dance teacher and immediately started working at the Academy at Maasmechelen.

In 2010 she participated in the television show "So you think you can dance" in which she reached the top 8 and participated in the Theatertour!

To teach all the knowledge she has acquired over the years to the new generation of dancers, she has taught in many different places. Thus she taught at various academies and schools through Limburg, where she participated successfully in various competitions with the Modern Dance team at Level up. Furthermore, She has given many workshops and further education.
At the moment she works at the kunsthumaniora in Hasselt, where she is working with high school students on the direction of word, art & drama. She is most interested in multidisciplinary work, which she can do with other art disciplines such as music, theater and drama.
In her classes she focuses on groundwork, dynamics, release techniques and improvisation. Hettie loves to teach her students new and beautiful techniques.

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