Youssef El K

Youssef is a multitalent that is mostly known as a Dancer, but sure does a lot more than that. He has traveled the world doing various things like battles, competitions, and workshops such as Juste Debout, Circle Underground, Battle Bad, Housedance4ever, etc and choreographs and directs every show that comes out of the youth program Let’s Go Urban from Antwerp. The names he has worked with: Roger waters, Laura Tesoro, Clouseau, Night Of The Proms, Vlaamse Opera, Bourla, Ish Ait Hamou, Hadise, Eurovision, De Mia’s, Coely, etc.

“I love to make a crowd move, scream, shout… Whether it’s by dancing, drumming, Beatboxing, or even hosting an event. It gives me chills to know that a lot of people are looking at me and waiting for my next word or move.”

As a host Youssef is mostly known for the battle that he organizes every year in Antwerp called “Out Of The Box”, but Youssef also worked as an online reporter for Belgium’s number 1 Radio Station “Studio Brussel”.

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